Newton’s Third Law as Applied to Religion (or lack thereof)


People ask if there’s a God, why there’s so much evil in the world. I can see where they’re coming from. Paying attention to a lot of news media out there, that old adage, “No news is good news,” seems to hold more truly than ever before. War, murder, rape, slimy politicking, you name it.

Allow me to ask my own question: by that logic, if there’s no God, why isn’t there nothing but evil in the world?

To answer both questions at once, I call to attention Newton’s Third Law: every action has an equal an opposite reaction. You know, right? You pump up a tire and it becomes harder to pump the more you fill it with air. You punch something and it hurts you as much as you hurt it.

Let’s put that in a different light, shall we? Namely, what happens when you do something good or bad to another person. You give someone a gift for Christmas and they give you a gift in return. You cook a meal and whoever eats it is not only thankful for the food but obligated to sing your praises to their friends and family. You push someone into a mud puddle and they get up and tackle you to the ground. You commit massive amounts of corporate fraud and not only will you lose your job; your company will go under.

Lots of religions have terms for this phenomenon. Karma, Yin and Yang, the Golden Rule, whatever. They all point to the same thing: if you do something good, eventually, something good happens to you, but if you do something bad, eventually, something bad happens to you. So, what does that have to do with the existence of God, you ask?

God–for lack of a better word–is often seen as the ultimate source of good, so why then is there any evil at all? Put simply, it’s because he’s not alone; he and his army of angels are at war for control of the cosmos. Standing at the other end of the battlefield are his arch nemesis, Satan–also for lack of a better word–and his army of demons. These two forces thus contribute to all that is good and evil, always warring, always cancelling each other out.

What does that make us humans? The poor idiots who keep running into the crossfire. Everything good and evil that happens to us outside of our own actions and/or reactions is thus these two mighty forces at work in our lives.

Now, let’s say there’s no God after all. Well, then there’s no Satan either. And that means all we humans have to blame for the evil in this world is ourselves. The war, murder, rape, slimy politicking, all of it; it’s our own faults, and it’s up to us to correct it.

So, next time you’re about to ask yourself why there’s evil in the world, don’t. Just buck up, go out there, and make things right.

It’s only fair.


Why I don’t Facebook (much)


I often wonder what social media sites would be like if people treated them as what they were supposed to be: networking hubs. Instead, they use these sites almost like leaderboards.

For those who don’t know, a leaderboard is a list of the best players in a video game based on certain criteria. Weekly high scores, characters used, time played, win/loss records, etc.

A lot of people on social media sites treat those sites the same way, posting statuses that showcase the highlights of their daily lives. Anything from moving to a new house to getting a new job, they post, all to make their lives seem better than they really are. Why?

I remember reading something about self confidence and the number of a person’s Facebook status updates being inversely proportional. If that’s true, then it’s a sorry way to live. In the end, all you’re doing is looking for a place to hide from your own cares and worries, an excuse to incite envy in your friends and acquaintances.

I hate doing that to people.

That’s why I keep my social media updates to a minimum, choosing instead to interact with others as if I was talking to them face to face, like the sites intended for us all to do. I feel like we’ve lost the “social” in social media, so if no one else will try to put it back, then I might as well step up to the plate.

Writing about…well, Writing


It’s hard to come up with something new on a regular basis. Honestly, I don’t know how some people can keep it going for so long before they go nuts or before their writing gets stale. No wonder we turn to Let’s Players, vloggers, and random behind-the-scenes footage for entertainment; the creators feel as little pressure to deliver as we feel as much pleasure in seeing such random yet consistent entertainment.

I applaud the people who can somehow keep up writing on a regular basis; it takes a great amount of creative fortitude to churn it out and keep its quality up to par. You can call them genius or unnaturally diligent. I just call them committed.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got something in the microwave to eat.

Thoughts on the Starbucks Debacle


Seriously? Some people are upset about red Starbucks cups because they think the company’s trying to go for political correctness? Well, to be fair, there are so many holidays going on in December–some of which happen on the same days–that it’s kind of a touchy feely subject, no matter what holidays you celebrate. Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanza, Ramadan, whatever.

Still, the outrage over this coffee cup design…rather than take it as a reason to not be a Christian, take it as a sign of how hypersensitive people in general can be today. With the internet being such a prevalent thing, it’s almost impossible to so much as squeak without having hordes of people pounce on you to dismiss your opinions as offensive. You see that sort of thing all the time on YouTube comments, Reddit threads, Tweets, and Facebook statuses, don’t you?

Sure, there’s over 7 billion people on the planet, so odds are that someone–but not everyone–will be offended whenever you share your thoughts, but the fact that people react so strongly–if not irrationally–so often over such trivial matters as this just goes to show how infantile we think we can act and get away with it.

Memes are Not Humor


You know what memes are, right? When people repeat some snippet of whatever gets parroted throughout some sector of pop culture to the point that it just becomes so insulting to see it over and over again?

Examples include…

  • I don’t always __________, but when I do, I ____________.
  • One does not simply ______________.
  • And his name is John Cena!
  • Suck Fanic
  • Expand Dong
  • Not sure if ________ or _________.
  • Guile’s theme goes with everything
  • Better nerf Greninja

Why do people keep this idiocy up?! What makes them think they’re being clever or funny?!

Simply put, they’re not.

They’re being stupid, annoying, and…well, a slap in the face to all forms of humor and an embarrassment to all of humanity in general. There’s no sense of timing, no wit, no surprise, no imagination, and above all, no reason to so much as crack a smile, much less laugh. And yet, people do it anyway.

Over and over and over again!

All in all, memes are the absolute lowest form of humor. Lower than sex jokes, lower than fart jokes, lower than groin attacks–no. Scratch that. They’re not humor at all; they’re stupidity. I understand that there are people who disagree with me on that, but let’s face it.